Villagewide Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing Project

The village's next phase of sanitary sewer smoke testing is slated to begin in May. The Village of Port Chester will conduct smoke testing in the remainder of the village, broken down into the following zones:

  • Zone 1: Comly Avenue and Betsy Brown Road
  • Zone 2: Haines Blvd and Glen Avenue
  • Zone 3: Tower Hill, Quintard Drive, and Lyon Park
  • Zone 4: North Regent Street, King Street, and Rectory Street
  • Zone 5:Glen Avenue, North Regent, Haseco Avenue, and Poningo Street
  • Zone 6: South Regent Street, Franklin Street, and Breckenridge Avenue
  • Zone 7: South Regent Street, Olivia Street, and William Street
  • Zone 8: Boston Post Road and Purdy Avenue
  • Zone 9: Midland Avenue, Grace Church Street, Shore Drive, and Harbor Drive

Zone 1 is scheduled for smoke testing on Monday May 8th. Advisory notices and information, identical to those notices available below, will be mailed out by Friday April 28th to both Zones 1 & 2 indicating their upcoming smoke testing dates. The village will follow up this mailing with door notices as a reminder shortly before the May 8th kickoff.

Each zone will begin testing at 9:00 AM when scheduled and should conclude around 3:00 PM over the course of a 2 week period (per zone). Be advised that smoke testing cannot be done during inclement weather effectively, so this process remains weather dependent and may exceed initial timeframes if weather dictates. The village expects these remaining 9 zones will take six (6) months to complete.

What is the benefit to the Village for performing a Smoke Test?

Smoke testing is one technique utilized to identify segments of sewers that may exhibit inflow during heavy rainfall. Smoke testing is best used to detect inflow sources such as roof downspouts, driveways, yard and area drains, foundation drains, illegal connections, and storm water drainage system cross-connections. It can also detect structural damages and leaking joints in sewer pipes.

What exactly is a Smoke Test?

A field crew from, Delaware Engineering, the contractor retained on behalf of the Village of Port Chester will use liquid smoke to test sewer lines.  Smoke blowers are placed on manholes and white smoke is blown through the sewer system. Any location where white smoke is identified during the test, except plumbing vent stacks, is a potential Infiltration/Inflow source for storm water or groundwater to enter the collection system. Smoke testing personnel will be identified by wearing hard hats and traffic vests. 

How will residents know when Smoke Testing will be performed in their neighborhoods?

Testing will be continue to be performed during the Spring, Summer, and Fall 2023 and affected property owners are being notified with informational letters.  

Is the smoke that is used hazardous?

No. The smoke that comes out of the vent stacks on houses or holes in the ground is non-toxic, and harmless. It does not create a fire hazard. The Police and Fire Departments will be made aware of the test areas and schedule.

What happens after the smoke testing has been completed?

 If white smoke does enter, this is evidences of a violation and the Village will follow up with a Notice of Violation. This notification sets forth the nature of the violation and that corrective action is required.  If white smoke from the testing can enter through faulty plumbing the potential exists for dangerous sewer gases to also enter the home. A licensed plumber should be consulted. Typically, the notice will provide a period of thirty (30) days to correct the violation. However, the Village will work with property owners on a timeline for repairs if more time is needed to complete any remedial work. 

 The Building Department and Department of Code Enforcement stand ready to assist you in the remedial process.  

 Building Department- (914) 939-5203

 Code Enforcement- (914) 305-2552

What if the problem is not corrected?

The Village depends on full cooperation to correct the problem. However, in the event that this does not occur, the Village will be required to take all necessary steps, including legal action, to address the issue.   

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