Village Marina Bulkhead Project

The Village of Port Chester is proud to finally see progress made along our coastline.  The start of the bulkhead's construction signals that we are one day closer to opening our shoreline, again, for residents and neighbors to enjoy and explore.

Village Marina

The Village of Port Chester Marina Bulkhead Revitalization Project focuses on the rebuilding and energizing of the village's downtown waterfront coastline.  The project has taken many years to mobilize, but 2021 marks the beginning of Phase 1 of this complex and expansive project. The ultimate goal of the project is to replace the vinyl bulkhead sections along the sea wall, with an environmentally conscious revetment that includes steel sheet piling and a reimagined streetscape design for the current promenade and inland property.  

Phase 1 of this project will include a complete replacement of 650 linear feet or so of vinyl bulkhead sheeting with a coated steel pile marine sheeting from the southern side of colony Grill, around the cove, and down to last bit of vinyl sheeting that is adjacent to the wall's first compromised section at the corner of the Costco Parking lot.

Phase 2 of this project will focus on marrying the new coated steel pile marine sheeting with a revetment composed of riprap (loose stone/ rock armor used to protect shoreline structures against water, wave, or ice erosion) and a new retaining wall structure which will extend coverage along the remaining 650 linear feet southward.

Phase 3 of this project will be the redesign of the streetscape which may potentially include improved walkways, landscaping, lighting, docks, and other enhancements that will assist in the village's mission to reactivate the downtown waterfront.

Village Marina Bulkhead PlanMy hope is to update this section of the village's website will provide helpful information, links, and documentation related to the construction phases as we continue to make forward progress towards the completion of construction where at such time, the coastline will again be accessed and enjoyed to the benefit our residents, boaters, and local businesses.  

The extensive timeline for the completion of each phase will prove to be a true test of all of our patience.  Based upon numerous codes, guidelines, and labor laws much of this construction will be performed during specific seasons and will be greatly dependent upon weather and tidal activity.

In the meantime, however, I want to thank our residents in advance for their continued patience. The Village of Port Chester and its partners are very excited to have you on this journey with us. 


Stuart L. Rabin
Village Manager

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