Patrol Division

The Police Department is currently staffed with 62 sworn police officers. The department is comprised of several divisions. The patrol division, the largest within the department, has 43 members and is responsible for the patrol activities and responding to citizen calls for service. These officers are the ones usually in uniform and the first to arrive at the scene of an incident. Captain Charles Nielsen is the commanding officer of the Patrol Division.

The Patrol Division also has a full-time Traffic Enforcement Officer and a full-time Bicycle Patrol Officer assigned to the downtown shopping district.

Detective Division

The department's detective division is currently staffed with 5 detectives and 2 supervisors. These detectives are responsible for the detection and arrest of criminal offenders, the recovery of property, locating missing persons, and processing crime scenes. Lieutenant Gus Kiliveros is the Commanding Officer of the Detective Division.

Staff Services Division

The Staff Services Division is tasked with the smooth running of all internal systems including the department's record management system, verifying the accuracy and timeliness of the thousands of reports filed annually. In addition, Staff Services prepares the FBI Uniform Crime reports monthly, provides the Chief of Police with statistics needed for strategic planning and budget preparation, manages the many grant programs such as STOP DWI and Seatbelt Safety Awareness Programs. The officer in charge, Lt. Michael Martello is also the department's Public Information Officer. Lt. Martello also supervises the department's civilian clerical staff.

Traffic Division

The officer in charge of this very busy unit is Sergeant William Krzeminski. Sgt. Krzeminski 's tasks include management of the Village's parking and regulatory signage, preparation of parking laws, traffic surveys, management of the TSLED and parking ticket systems, management of the Automatic License Plate reader program, management of the new TRACS system that allows officers to prepare accident reports and moving violations within the police cars' in-car computer systems, management and oversight of the more than 120 accident reports submitted on a monthly basis. Sgt. Krzeminski also supervises the Civilian Parking Enforcement Officers, the Traffic Enforcement Unit, and the School Crossing Guards.

Operations Division

Within the Operations Division, one will find many support services whose members are drawn from the Patrol Division. Many of the officers and supervisors from the Patrol Division have collateral duties within the Operations Division.